Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Joey!

Happy 3rd birthday (golden birthday) to Josh and Joey! Joey had a great time with all of his friends and family at his party, and thinks he hit big boy status since he did not nap at all on the day of the party. Instead, he made sure the water toys were warmed up and ready to go!

We also had a number 3 balloon for Josh and Joey. Joey understood the idea of the balloon being up on the trellis connecting him and Josh. Joey has told us that he "was with Josh when he was a little baby too. We just played together, with heaven." He also mentioned "I don't want Josh to be away in his house. I want him at my house." We all miss him and wonder what our daily routine would be like, but we'll have to wait for another time to be reunited, and hope that Joey and Josh play at night in Joey's dreams. Happy Birthday boys!

The following day was the 4th of July and since Joey didn't nap, didn't go to sleep until late, and woke up at his usual time he was pretty tired all day. We went to the parade and saw Gigi marching in it. We didn't make it to a family friends' barbecue, but we did make the long trek next door for some dinner and swimming! Thanks to our neighbors we were able to relax next door, have some dinner, and go swimming! Joey took a little bit longer than Jillian to get comfortable, but once they were in and shown a thing or two neither wanted to get out! We are going to have to watch the fence and make sure the kids don't scale it to get in their pool! (Not sure why these are different slide shows, but I'm not messing with it!)

And finally some cute pictures from today:


Crystal M. said...

Looks like a great day and weekend, Happy Birthday Josh and Joey!! Cant wait to see you in Florida!!

ellen charge said...

happy bday sweet boys joey you may just get soemthing special a late bday pressie form me form aus and sandy josh might to even tho hes nto here i feel he is here in spirit i might get him something

Christy said...

Happy Birthday Josh and Joey! You both continue to teach and amaze us every day!

Nonna and Grampa said...

Happy Birthday to our Joshy and Joey. How amazing that three years have gone by so quickly. Nonna and Grampa love you always! XOXOXOXO