Thursday, July 21, 2011

Joey's 3 year and Jillian's 18 month pictures

So we were taking Joey and Jillian in for their pictures. We had a nice shirt for Joey to take his big 3 year old picture, and then thought it would be cute for Jillian and Joey to take a picture together since she is now 18 months. We decided to put them in their pajamas and let them hold what they go to bed with each night...Jill has her 2 Minnie Mouses, and Joey usually has some race cars. So, we figured Joey would be up first and then we would put them in their pajamas and be ready to head home afterwards. Joey refused to smile. It didn't matter what we did, what props he was given, he did not want to smile. Jillian the attention seeker that she is, was catching the photographers attention plenty and being a little goof. So we figured it was a bust for Joey to be dressed nicely and threw them in their pajamas. Even with his sister it was near impossible to get Joey to smile. So we have 3 pictures total from a good 45 minute ordeal. When the pictures were all over I was talking to the lady and Joey whispered to me that it was fun taking pictures. I said "Really? Then why didn't you smile?" He responded with "I didn't want to make that lady happy." UGH! I guess the three year old behavior has started!


Nonna and Grampa said...

The picures are still just adorable

Christy said...

Great idea with the pj's!