Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mini Indy

Today was the Mini Indy. Joey and Andrew's bike race/rally. It was super hot, but they as well as Jillian and Emma handled the heat really well. The park district had a Mini Indy that consisted of several stations for the kids (3-6 year olds) to take their bikes as well as some races. They started off with a bike wash, where they grabbed sponges and washed then rinsed off their bikes. Here is where the girls decided it would be coolest and they pretty much played with the water the entire time. A staff member brought over a chair for them to wash and they were very content. The boys went to a bike safety talk, then out some "bling" on their bikes with streamers, bells, spoke noise maker, and more. After that it was time to decorate a license plate and get their race numbers. Joey was excited about his race number I think from the bib number he got at his last running race. They also participated in an obstacle course and then they stopped at the Pit Stop for a quick snack before being led to the races. Joey and Andrew raced each other and you were supposed to zig zag between the cones, but Joey cut across the course to chase Andrew. They both finished at a tie, noting that Joey didn't really do the course correctly, and Joey in a deja vous moment went splat on the pavement. He is getting much better at his dramatic finishes and didn't cry or whine one bit. He got up, looked at his knee, and moved his bike to the side for the next race. By this time I had made my way down to the end and Joey was totally fine, just concerned about his was a little out of whack from the fall. So I adjusted it as best I could and he hopped back on and was fine. At the end Joey and Andrew got trophies for "winning" the whole race! All the kids got trophies, but Andrew and Joey were hugging each other saying they beat all the other kids and won it together. I'm good with that!. On the way home Joey said "me and Andrew won the race and I crashed them all!" Hmmm...I hope he doesn't think the finish of a race is supposed to be a sliding finish!

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Christy said...

Glad that they BOTH won!!