Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Update...

Jillian was asked to be the flower girl for Auntie Trisha (her Godmother) and Uncle Alex's wedding this October. Jillian had an afternoon with the bride to be, a few of the bridesmaids, and Auntie Pam trying on dresses, getting fitted, and going for a yummy lunch. Jill was in absolute heaven having a girls day and loved all the dresses and attention she was getting. I don't want to show the dresses, you'll have to wait til the wedding day, but here is one with her just holding some flowers while waiting, and the lady at the store put a veil on her head. She had a blast!

Saturday night we went to see our neighbor Nic play Prince Charming in Cinderella! It was Joey and Jill's first play to watch and they both really liked it. Joey had fun munching on snacks in the bleachers and would ask where Nic was every two seconds until he finally came out (which was only like 2 scenes). Joey was super excited to see him and could spot him as he walked on stage every time. Jillian loved the play as well and was ecstatic to hang out with the girls, Aubrie was so nice to let Jill sit with her and her friend during the play and Jillian absolutely loves hanging with the girls. After the play Jillian was sure to plant a kiss on the cheek of Prince Charming! Great job Nic!

Friday we got the snow that everyone was talking about, and Joey couldn't wait to go and play in it! Joey loved rolling around and pulling the sled around. Jill was happier with the slide in the snow. But Aunt Beth, Joey and Josh's NICU Auntie, came over and brought a cool pop-up Princess house and tunnel! Thank you for the cool house and the fun games too!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Last Sunday baby Amelia was baptized! Uncle Kevin and Aunt Nicole looked so happy as Uncle Mikey and Miranda took on the jobs as godparents. Congrats Amelia!

Valentine's Day was filled with lots of fun and candy! I could not believe all the candy the kids got from school. Jillian was going to school on Thursdays only but was asked to come in for the Valentine's day party. I am pretty sure she is happy she was asked because she had a blast! She continues to love school and asks all the time to go. She got upset the other day when I said it wasn't Thursday, she insisted it was her school, brought her backpack, put her stuff in her cubby, washed her hands and waited. After Joey went in she saw her teacher in the hall and ran to her. So I explained Jill's delight in school and she grabbed the director and low and behold Jill is now in school Tuesdays and Thursdays! I just couldn't rationalize telling a kid they can't go to school when she loves it so much!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just for Laughs

So this afternoon...like 10 minutes ago I was talking to a friend over e-mail and was telling her about the dance parties we have in our kitchen pretty much every morning and/or evening. We usually have music playing for most meals and the kids love to cut a rug with us in the kitchen while I cook or we clean up. So, I was reminded of Joey's awesome moves from a while back that we caught on tape...April 2010 which means we have some videotaping to do!

Tik Tok Dancin' from Phillip Kurby on Vimeo.

And then of course Vimeo pulled up old videos so I had to look at almost all of the ones we have blogged and just like I can't get through Joey's dancing without laughing out loud, I can't watch Josh's smile on Christmas morning (frothy nose and all!) without smiling back. Enjoy!

Josh Smiling on Chrismas from Phillip Kurby on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Playing catch up once again

I realize just over a month has passed without any postings, we have been busy, but not a ton of pictures to show for it. We did get a new camera, but that is not even the reason for lack of posts or pictures, I have just been starting the year out lazy in that respect. So here is the last month or so in a nutshell starting from most recent:
Superbowl Sunday was spent with our friends Uncle Paul, Auntie Katherine, Ben, Abbey, and Juliette. They just got a puppy, Belle, who they brought home just the day before which we can't wait to meet, but with her travels it sounded like some down time might have been good for her at that point. We had seen them a few times just before and after Christmas but never at a time where we were able to do our Christmas exchange so we did it today! Everyone loved their gifts and we were very happy to have everyone over to play, watch the game, commercials, and Madonna!

Earlier in the day we went over to the Arboretum for the start of Celebrating Chocolate! They have a month of activities and classes all things chocolate this month and this weekend they had many vendors with everything from chocolate balsalmic to pure organic coffee chocolate bars! It was most delicious and free, and the weather wasn't too horrible so we were able to roam around the Children's Garden a bit.

So this sounds Arboretum heavy now, but the previous weekend we were there as well for the Huskies event where they had Huskies pulling sleds. This event was very, very cold but it was nice to get out of the house for a little bit. Nonna and Grandpa decided to brave the cold with us which made it fun as well!

We had a lot of things without pictures...lots of showers, birthdays (GG Rose turned 89 this past Sunday), and other events but here are some of the miscellaneous pictures we did manage to take.

Jill is continuing and loving dance class. Daddy has been taking her while Mommy and Joey go to Mommy and Me Bootcamp (I instruct and tell Joey I teach the moms and he teaches the kids!).

The kid had PJ day at school where they were able to wear their pajamas to school and bring a cuddly stuffed animal with. The smell of popcorn when we entered and knowing they were going in for Bible story with all the classes combined (so Jill and Joey would see each other) and having hot cocoa made me really want to be a part of the class!

And finally some random pictures of Java getting some attention from Joey and Jillian, the kids feasting on a dessert favorite (apples with Nutella!), and Dad's night at school where Joey and Jillian got to take Daddy to school for a night of fun!