Thursday, July 21, 2011

Harry Potter

As everyone is well aware the last Harry Potter movie came out last weekend. I have never read or watched a Harry Potter movie and am not all that interested in starting, just not my thing. But it is Grandma, Uncle Chris, Auntie Christy, and Daddy's thing! So, I got the privilege, as I did for the last HP movie to watch all the little ones while the big ones went to the show (or as Auntie and Uncle Chris told Andrew--their meeting). The kids all ate really well and played really well. We were greeted a few hours later with popcorn (how nice of them to serve popcorn at your meetings Auntie!), and we all indulged!

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Christy said...

Don't be a hater-HP is awesome, and yes, it is a good meeting when they serve butter movie style popcorn!!