Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So a quick update on happenings here. After Joey's birthday and party we headed up to MI for an overnight to celebrate Scarlett's first birthday. They had a lot of fun at the party, swimming in the hotel pool, and catching up at dinner. We have had our share of summer water fun with the 100 degree days we've been having. We've had our pool up, Joey got a fun sprinkler wiggly thing, and we also have taken time to do our library and park district activities, as well as Arboretum fun. There was a Pirates and Princesses event that we all went to and the kids had fun dressing up, gave me a thought for Jill's birthday! We also made it out to a Boomers game (no longer the Flyers). It was Coops's birthday that night, the new mascot of the new team, so the kids got bobbleheads, and when they sang happy birthday to him I told Joey it was for him. Joey was super excited, and right after all the mascots were out there singing they announced that it was also Joey's birthday (ok, so it was an 8 year old Joey with another last name, but I started cheering loudly when they said Joey so that he wouldn't know it was a different Joey. He bought it, so don't tell!) Hope you are enjoying whats left of summer!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Joey!

As most know, we had a crazy storm come through on Sunday, July 1, and Josh and Joey's birthday was 100 plus degrees as well as the 4th of July, the day we celebrated their birthday. So the outside fun was great for the kids, and some who just got power back, or were still waiting for it to come back on were inside, in the basement, or out for ice cream and cake only! We were happy to have all that could make it come and help us celebrate. Joey had a blast!

Happy Birthday Joshua and Joey

Joshua was born first, into our world and into heaven. He is never forgotten and always a part of our family and daily conversations. We love you and miss you. Happy birthday to the one that made me mommy first! (Joey would be mad that I said that, since he loves being first and gets upset anytime he isn't, but fact of the matter is I was his mommy 1 minute before Joey!) Sometimes its hard to believe that Joey was a few ounces smaller than Josh and an inch shorter as well. But both started out in the NICU. Joey was there for a 16 days stay, whereas Josh beat him with 126 days, but here is Joey shortly after he was born (except for the first and 2 others close to the end, see if you can figure it out)... And some of the two of them together...brothers forever.

Sorely behind on updating so here is June and July in pictures...

Last Friday was another hot, hot day so we went to the DuPage Children's Museum to keep cool! Auntie caravaned us over there with Andrew and Emma, and it was a fun morning of playing and running around inside! The week before Joey's birthday we were able to get together with Uncle Mark, Auntie Miya, Nathan, and Jacob for breakfast and to play. Joey loved getting his first birthday gifts a little early--thank you it made his day for sure! And they both loved playing with Nathan (or as Jill was saying after he left "Nafe"), and both were interested in holding and hugging Jacob too. It was great getting together before the crazy party! Here is a sneak peak of the 4th Annual Joshua Kurby Charge for CHARGE 5K route for this year. We are at St. James Farm and Phil and I went for a preview of the course, it will be cross country for sure, but beautiful. We hope for good weather and a good turnout! The last weekend of June was Northlake Days! We got to go to Uncle Don and Auntie Steph's house to have dinner and hang out for a bit before heading over to the carnival! The kids as expected loved every minute of it, and Auntie Steph gave us all, but mostly herself a good laugh by going on the bumper cars to crash Joey! It was so much fun, and always goes too fast! Joey participated in the Mini Indy again this year, a bike race and expo. Jillian was there to help, although she was too young to join in officially. Joey and Jillian washed Joey's bike, made license plates, decorated the bike with streamers and bells, did the obstacle course, a couple of races, and even one where Joey practiced being a paper boy like our neighbor Nicolas! Joey made every basket he had to throw a newspaper in! They were most excited about the popcorn and snacks, and Joey was thrilled to get another trophy and certificate! Father's Day we went out to Rainforest Cafe one of Joey and Jill's favorite restaurants!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Miss You Crys

I promised Ellen a blog posting about Crystal's service last night. It was a most beautiful service with lots of pictures on display and a video playing...every single picture had Crystal smiling, she was always smiling. Dan was very strong for his family and did a remarkable job socializing and remembering those that came in, Crystal had quite the social circle so it was not an easy task. Nicole and Crystal's mom held strong as well. Alex, Bailey, and Eva all dealt with things in their own ways, and I think everyone was starving for a hug from Eva, which like Dan mentioned it just makes you feel better to give her a squeeze. From our dealings with death, the first thought I had was how horrible that everyone is going to work today and getting on with their lives and there is this young family who wants the world to just stop, they want to let everyone know they are still grieving, they don't want anyone to move on, right now life sucks for them. I remember the day after Josh's funeral thinking how everyone was back to life as they knew it but our life was completely different, thinking how Dan is sleeping in a bed alone, even though he was before there was that hope that she'd be back. Just devastating. And my personal grief was that Crystal was the one that showed up to Josh's wake with Eva and I had no clue who they were... drove from Round Lake Beach to be there which any car ride more than a few minutes can be aggravating but to go to see someone you don't know, she was and is an angel. It just made things feel full circle last night, like I lost another part of what Josh had given me when he left our world. Phil explained to Alex how much that meant to him that Alex's mom was so selfless as to come and see us in our darkest time when she had never met us before. I wrote this, and hadn't posted it, thinking I would be adding on, I'm sorry for the delay Ellen, so much to process, and such a wonderful person that I am still trying to believe this all has happened. Not a day goes by I haven't thought about Crystal, Dan, and their kids. I pray for strength and comfort for them, and the ever presence of butterfly kisses.