Monday, December 28, 2009

Sledding Birthday Party

January 4th is Auntie Christy's birthday, but we celebrated yesterday since baby Jillian arriving Wednesday and might be home for her first day or two on the 4th. Sorry Auntie, that we had to celebrate so early, but we were also celebrating the fact that you, Uncle Chris, Andrew, and Baby G made it back home safely from New York on Saturday after a long wait at the airport. While they were away we had quite the snow storm, so Joey put on his new snow suit from Nonna and Grandpa and we went by Auntie Christy's for a little "sledding" in the driveway. We headed back inside to warm up with some hot chocolate and celebrate Auntie Christy's birthday!


Nonna and Grampa said...

Happy birthday Christie!! Joey looks so cute in his new snow suit. He also looks like he loved sledding with his cousin.

Christy said...

I am glad we are back too so we don't miss Jillian's arrival!! It was a fun birthday with the sledding, hot chocolate, train cake/cupcakes, and presents!!

Crystal M. said...

Happy Birthday!!!
WOW!! Baby Jillian and Alex will share a birthday. I know when he meets her and finds out he is going to be over the moon, he loves babies.
Hope everything goes well and call me when you are ready for pictures!! I WILL BE THERE!!

Crystal and Eva