Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Joey's First Haircut

Joey finally got his first haircut yesterday (12/7/09)! Unlike Josh, Joey has always had pretty short, fine hair. Some pictures he even looked bald for a while. His brown hair from his baby days changed into more of a blonde color for now, and they were hanging over his ears, and he was getting some curls in the back that were getting longer and longer. So it was time for his first cut!

We were so lucky to have Linda cut Joey's hair. A friendly, more familiar face is always a good thing for a baby getting their haircut, and boy did she give him the royal treatment! She had so many new and exciting toys for Joey to play with, and even let him play while she cut his hair. He did really well because of her magic touch. Joey didn't even flinch when the razor came out. After the cut Linda took him to the mirror to check out the new 'do, and play with some of the other pampering and primping tools. Then it was back to being a boy...he headed upstairs for a cracker and to see Dakota (their German Shepherd that Joey still wanted to call Java). Joey looks like such a little boy now, without the baby curls. Thanks Linda for a great cut, and a fun time!


Crystal M. said...

You are cute!! Love the new hair cut.

Christy said...

Finally!! How great that he wasn't even in a chair.