Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Joshua's Journeys #26- The Christmas Gift

I received the absolute best, not to ever be topped Christmas gift from Phil and Joshua. Christmas morning I opened up a gift from Josh that means more to me than any tangible thing. Phil had taken 2 of Joshua's sweaters and had them made into a hat for me. This was no easy task for Phil, since I have Josh's things very organized and look at them often. He was wise not to take certain clothes, but chose just the right ones. He looked up many seamstresses in the area, out of area, and consulted an expert on the internet as well who was the one to help him with patterns and suggestions as to how to go about things. Phil had to find out where Josh's clothes were being kept and then get them in some order so I wouldn't know anything was missing. He had mentioned to me that he had a really great gift for me this year, and I couldn't even begin to imagine how true that was. From the day he received the hat he was trying so hard to wait for Christmas to give it to me. His efforts to get this hat made for me were above and beyond anything I could've imagined. He mentioned he was worried that I would be mad for ripping up some of Josh's clothes, but he wanted to make something useful and something that would keep me warm. He succeeded beyond words. The hat is the most perfect gift: it reminds me of Joshua all snuggled up with me, as I wear it out I am reminded of all the trips him and I did together bonding in many of waiting rooms, it keeps me warm thinking of his smile, his eyes, all the great memories with Joshua, and the love of a wonderful husband that makes all my dreams come true.


Crystal M. said...

WOW!! Phil you are on the top of my list now of most thoughtful people in the world. Sandy I am sure you had some tears of joy when you opened that gift. My heart is just smiling knowing what a wonderful gift this was and its something you will use forever.
Crystal and Eva

Christy said...

What a beautiful gift-so special-melted my heart. Good job Phil!

Lisa W. said...

This is just incredible...way to go Phil!

amy and mighty max said...

That is so incredibly thoughtful...wow, what wonderful and loving husband. Phil, you are AMAZING! ALl of you are!

And I just love the hat. :)