Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Joey had a great Christmas. Christmas Eve was spent at Nonna and Grandpa's house along with Auntie Steph, Uncle Don, Uncle Kevin, Uncle Mikey, and Auntie Marie. After dinner and presents Joey put on his poker face and was up late having fun with everyone! You wouldn't have known that it was past his bed time, he was having so much fun playing cards and having a great time.

Christmas Day was celebrated waking up to see that Santa had eaten the cookies, and drank some milk that was left out for him. Joey actually took the leftover cookie and ate it as he walked around the family room looking at the gifts that Santa left. Grandma was over just before Joey woke up, so she was able to see his reaction too. After breakfast and playing with new toys we got dressed and headed to church, Assumption (the cemetery), and then back home for a nice dinner. It was another long day for Joey, but he did really well.


Nonna and Grampa said...

Joey got right into our holiday poker game! He played Indian-head poker just as well as the rest of us LOL. Christmas was made sweeter with Joey there. We had some tender moments too. I love my keepsake locket from Joshy.

Christy said...

Looks like Joey had a great morning opening presents!


Oh man, I wish I were there! Next year. Dude, I have those same exact Wii pajama pants. Who's the coolest? That looks like an awesome basketball hoop.

Crystal M. said...

Looks like a great Christmas, Joey looked like he had a great day and loved all his gifts. I hope he loves the gift coming tomorrow just as much...hee hee!!
Crystal and Eva