Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Continuing the Holiday Festiviites...

Again, here are a few different days of activities...
Sunday we were at a holiday gathering at our neighbors (see the Joshua's Journey in the previous post) where we had a surprise baby shower for Jillian, and were able to celebrate the season with great friends. Joey enjoyed playing with Nicole, and after really warming up to her did not want to leave her side. He kept grabbing her hand and walking her to see Dakota (their German Shepherd) and playing catch with her ball.

Saturday we had Christmas at Grandma's house since this year Auntie Christy, Uncle Chris, and Andrew are heading up to New York to see Uncle Chris' family. It was very fun night filled with an excellent dinner, great company, and holiday atmosphere. Joey and Andrew were excited about opening their first gifts, but then would rather play than open other gifts.

The highlights for Joey were getting a kitchen from Auntie Christy, Uncle Chris, and Andrew. He loves eating the plastic food, and pretending to prepare meals. He even tries to warm his sippy cup in the microwave! Grandma got Joey a fun play set that has 2 tunnels, a clubhouse, and a tent. We set it up for Joey and he loved it! He went right into the tunnel, and has been having a blast in the tent. Java has even taken an interest in the tent, but hasn't made it through the tunnel yet. Thanks for a memorable evening and of course way too many gifts!

On Friday we had another good snow, so we all bundled up to head outside and shovel. Joey did help a little bit, but was still more interested in getting his basketball out of the garage to throw around. After working in the front, we went into the backyard for Joey and Java to play together. Joey kept falling, having a hard time being mobile in the snow, but he enjoyed watching Java race around the yard and catch snowballs in her mouth.

Wednesday night will be the last night I teach a fitness class before Jillian is born! Yes, I still have been jumping around teaching classes. After being on bed rest with Josh and Joey for 13 weeks I wanted to keep doing as much as I could, and I never had any restrictions this whole pregnancy...so different from last time! I don't have any pictures, because it was another surprise, but my 5:30am class that I teach (AM Challenge) at the Park District also threw me a shower at 6:15 in the morning! They brought in juice, cookies, and a bunch of adorable outfits and an angel bear for Jillian. It was another big surprise. So thoughtful, and such a fun group of people. I will miss them the next 6 weeks while I am on leave, thank you!

Finally, we had to put in some pictures for Uncle Mikey...the biggest Sox fan we know! Joey is excited to see him on Christmas Eve so he wanted to put on his Sox outfit in anticipation.



Sox?!? Oh Uncle Mikey.

Crystal M. said...

We love the Sox!! LOL!
Sandy you have some wonderful people in your life, what a blessing. Glad you are able to keep busy til the baby comes.
Crystal and Eva

Christy said...

Much better with the pictures!! How you have not had Jillian with all of the festivities is amazing. What a great holiday time with all of your friends and family.