Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Touch a Truck and Block Party

Towards the end of the week last week we had Aspen over for a couple of days. Joey really enjoyed playing with her. Java has learned to get up and walk away when she's had enough, but poor Aspen just layed there while Joey gave her hugs and kisses. Joey wanted to help feed Java and Aspen while mommy was making lunch, so after a boom this is what we found...

Saturday we went out by Grandma's house to the park down the block from her. They were having a Touch-A-Truck event going on where Andrew and Joey were able to see, touch, honk, and climb around on school buses, tractors, police cars, fire trucks, and there was even a helicopter there too! Joey seemed to like the fire truck the most. The wagon ride with Andrew was a lot of fun too, they both had their construction hats on. (And I had to take a picture of Andrew eating my favorite- PB&J!)

That evening Joey saw another firetruck at our block party. Our neighbors next door made sure Joey got a turn in the truck and helped him with the hats, and showing him around the truck. They are so nice, and always including Joey when they can. The firemen broke out there hoses for a while too, which Joey enjoyed watching and Gigi got soaked!

Sunday was our friend Jarod's 10th birthday party. Sorry no pictures of that yet, but Joey had a lot of fun playing with Jarod's old trucks, sidewalk chalk, balls, and clinging to John!



Those pictures of Joe with Aspen are some of the cutest ever!

Crystal M. said...

you guys sure do know how to have fun!!
Crystal and Eva