Sunday, September 6, 2009

Parks and Picking

Every once in a while we realize we've given the camera a break and decide to go snap happy with Joey. Thursday was one of those days. I actually remembered to take the camera with me when we went to one of the many parks we visit in our neighborhood. I don't want to sound like a total hippie here, but I love our town mostly for its parks. We have a great parks and recreation district (not just because I work for them too!). I love the park behind our house that we can walk to- one end with more age appropriate stuff for Joey, the other for when he gets older, and of course Josh's tree is there. But we have to many other great parks around us. It is just nice to see Joey playing outside, without all the sounds and lighted toys inside, being a boy playing in the dirt, and of course getting some bumps and bruises. Joey met the asphalt earlier in the week at a different park when he was trying to push his wagon without looking in front of him. He took it well though, getting up quickly and heading back into the dirt! He also enjoyed waving at people and their dogs as they passed by.

On Saturday we went apple picking! This is Joey's second time out there, but last year he was carried in the Baby Bjorn and slept 95% of the time. This year he did pretty well at matching Andrew apple for apple. He didn't pick all that many because he was so interested in eating his apples. He would get upset if it fell on the ground and we wouldn't let him continue eating the same one. He also had a fun time feeding Daddy apples too. The weather was perfect, and going so early in teh season was great because it was not crowded at all. We were able to go into the country store and walk around, look at the little train that passed overhead, and of course pick up Daddy's favorite apple cider doughnuts! Joey enjoyed a bite or two of that too, as well as some fresh cider! Daddy also got into the spirit of things with Joey and Andrew on the tractors...they sure looked like country bumpkins!


Christy said...

You are being generous, your son was on an eatfest (as was Andrew) it is a wonder he is sooo small! Thanks for the apples, can't wait for the apple pie. Also, way to explain Joey's bruise...he fell, right?! He is a true boy!!


Oh man, I'm so jealous. I love those doughnuts! I'm glad he's enjoying the dirt, I wonder how long it'll be until he's rockin' the computer keyboard like Daddy.

Crystal M. said...

We all need to spend some time together at the park one day!! Looks like so much fun, I can not wait to go apple picking, last year I went pie making and apple sauce making crazy!!
See you soon,
Crystal and Eva

Amy, Mike and Ben Russo said...

What great pics and how much fun!