Monday, September 28, 2009

Bark in the Park

Saturday we took some time to give a lot of attention to our first baby girl- Java. Java has been through the thick and thin of things around here and has been very adaptable. Whether it was our neighbors coming over to get her and spend the night by them, going long days without getting let out because we were at the hospital all day, comforting us when we most needed it, or giving Joey a good lickin' just to make us laugh, Java has been there for us unconditionally. So on Saturday we were able to bring her to the Carol Stream Bark District's Dog Festival.

It was a fun day filled with so much for dogs to do. Armstrong Park was turned into a dog's dream. There were many different vendors of pet foods, trainers, photographers, and much more. The sand volleyball court was turned into an oasis with multiple kiddie pools filled with water and beach chairs for owners to sit in and watch their dogs splash around (there was even an ice cream vendor selling Frosty Paws!), a rally area of different obstacle courses (hula hoops, bobbing for tennis balls, timed dog run), an off leash dog area, a performance arena for dogs to show their stuff, a spa area with different oils, aromatherapies, nail trimming, etc., and the CS firefighters along with their dalmation character. Java had a great time meeting other dogs and running around. Joey was pointing at all the dogs calling them "Java." It was a fun afternoon, and Java was beat from all the excitement by the time we got home.

Moments With Moriah


Christy said...

Java was our first girl of the family! She has been through as much as all of you and still tolerates Joey's hugs and Andrew's chasing her. She deserved a day of fun!

amy and mighty max said...

What a fun day! I absolutely love, love, love dog events! :) Wish we could have been there to enjoy with you...but love all the photos!

Crystal M. said...

Looks like a great day for the dogs. Glad you had a nice day and Joey calling all the dogs Java is really cute.
Crystal and Eva