Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bowling for CHARGE

Bowling for CHARGE

On Saturday we had a very fun time Bowling for CHARGE! Crystal put together a fundraiser for the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation in honor of her daughter Eva, and in memory of Joshua and another CHARGE angel Ava. She put together a beautiful slide show of the three of them along with some info on CHARGE. There was a bake sale, plenty of pizza and pop, a raffle (which we actually won some pretty cool stuff), and of course bowling! It was a lot of fun. Crystal definitely put a lot of work into the whole day and everyone seemed to have fun and have a smile on their face.

We were able to see a couple other CHARGE families from the area that we hadn't seen since the Charge for CHARGE 5K so it was nice to catch up. Eva was there in her pretty pink dress, and of course cast to match (another week and a half to go!). It was great playing with her- Joey enjoyed giving her some of his toys and at the end of the day was trying to push her in her wagon to head out.

Nonna, Grandpa, Grandma, Auntie Pam, Auntie Trisha, Auntie Tiffany, and Brian were all there to participate in the festivities. Thank you Crystal for including Josh in the day, the whole day was a huge success. You did a great job! Of course it never fails, our camera battery died pretty quickly once we got there, so you'll have to visit Eva's blog to see more pictures (Crystal's pictures are always better anyways). And no, Joey is not actually holding a blue bowling ball in some of these pictures, he has a balloon! But he did have fun with daddy pushing a bowling ball down the lane.


Crystal M. said...

Thank you Sandy, I did my best, learned a lot and now I am ready to work on next years!!
Crystal and Eva

Christy said...

I'm jealous...looked like fun! Loved the slideshow of Joshy.

The Arc of Whatcom County said...

Your family is simply wonderful. So loving, so faithful, so supportive. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do to support all of the families along this journey. You are often in our thoughts...

Love, Amy and Max

Nonna and Grampa said...

We had a great time, I thought all I'd throw would be gutter balls but I actually got 2 spares!! It was a very well done fundraiser and a wonderful event. The video slide show of Joshy and getting to spend a little time with Eva was great. Good Job Crystal!