Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last Week's Update

Tot Rock
The past two Tuesdays Joey has been having fun at Tot Rock. It is a class we are taking at the park district where Joey gets to sing, dance, and play with mommy and other kids near his age. He is really enjoying himself. I keep bringing the camera, but forget to snap a picture. One of these weeks I will!

Best Wagons rides are at CDH!

The ER to be more specific! Joey had an intimate meeting with the banister Thursday evening just before bedtime. His point of contact made a huge egg sized bump and a little cut on his forehead. Being about a half an hour before bed we didn't want to let him go to sleep without knowing he was ok, so we decided to take a fun filled trip to the ER to check it all out. Joey was too excited to even think about bed time, and enjoyed being pulled around the halls in the wagon. Of course he was fine, we just needed to wake him every hour for the first 6 hours of sleep which he pretty much did on his own since he likes to sleep on his tummy and thus his forehead too! Since I'm posting a few days later, he is still doing fine, the lump is practically gone, he just has a small little scrape and the bruise is more greenish yellow now.

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