Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday Jillian attended her first baby shower. It was Uncle Chris and Aunt Brooke's shower, but while Jillian attended it, she did not see much of it at all. Jillian was a little crabby from teething, and the timing wasn't to her advantage so she ended up falling asleep just before the food came out. Auntie Miya and Nathan were so nice to let Jillian rest in Nathan's stroller...sorry Jillian couldn't stay awake to play very much Nathan! Jillian woke up briefly for me to take her out of the stroller and fall back asleep. She didn't wake up until presents were halfway done making a liar out of me. I had told everyone how Jillian doesn't sleep well and won't go down for a nap unless she is in her did she make me put my foot in my mouth! Jillian and Nathan had fun playing with the balloons after the presents were opened, and Jillian did well the rest of the time back and Nonna and Grandpa's house.

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Nonna and Grampa said...

It was a wonderful day, I had all my children and grandchildren around me. I loved it!!