Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last Official School Day, Just Play, and Baby Shower

Quite a bit to update here...I am going to go a bit out of order and talk about today and then move back to the weekend.

Today was Joey's last official day of school. Thursday he has an all school picnic with parents and siblings too, but today was at school and again parents and siblings were invited. Joey showed us all the fun things he gets to do at school: the sensory table, painting, reading books, snacks, potty breaks, playing outside, play-doh, you name it we did it! Jillian was completely into it as well and Joey's teachers got a kick out of her playing house and setting her own little table when the kids were playing with Play-Doh. They said she is definitely ready for school! Joey gave his teachers big hugs before leaving, and a lot of moms exchanged contact information so we can hopefully get some play dates in this summer as well!

This weekend was Just Play a fun outdoor event for kids and adults. It is sort of like a huge health fair but with games and activities for kids too. There was Legoland, DuPage Children's Musuem, BMX professional bikers, firemen, and so much more for the kids to do! I had to work the Group Exercise booth for the park district on Saturday but Daddy, Joey, Jillian, Andrew, Emma, Auntie, and Grandma played! Looks like they had a great time!

Sunday we had a fun brunch with Auntie Trisha and Uncle Alex (and the rest of the crew). We went to Just Play to burn off some more energy, and then it was a quick nap for Jillian before she was scooped up to go to Uncle Kevin and Nicole's baby shower. Jillian did very well considering she was on limited sleep and asked to sit for a length of time. She loved the cupcakes, and was happy to have coloring books and crayons waiting for her--thank you!

And then just some miscellaneous pics... I love the pictures of Joey and Jillian with their blankets in their chairs. Joey favors my Chicago Marathon blanket which suits him well since he is my race day buddy, and Jillian was sporting the blanket I loved when I was little. I used to call it "Bubble Covers" because it reminded me of the Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum that came out with two flavors in 1 piece--remember that? Anyways, the name stuck and it was so cute to see Jillian with Bubble Covers.


Christy said...

Lots of fun in the Kurby household! Yeah for Joey and school, just play was a lot of fun-I can't believe that Auntie does that every day at work!

Crystal M. said...

Looks like u all are having fun, as always!!