Sunday, May 29, 2011

House Picnic...

Thursday Joey's last day of school picnic was cut quite short. It was supposed to be from 11am-1pm. We arrived promptly at 11 and were greeted by one of his teachers and saw another family. Slowly a few other families showed up, but it was very windy and rainy out that no one lasted very long. I even attempted to wipe down playground equipment with a towel I had in the car, but most everyone (well adults at least) were miserable and the kids had wet pants from sitting and sliding around on the playground. So in an attempt to warm up we stopped at Dunkin' for some coffee and a donut for the kids and went home where Daddy joined us for an indoor picnic! Not as fun as being outside with all of Joey's school friends, but we exchanged numbers and some of us will get together this summer.

Happy Birthday Uncle Chris! Here are some pics of Joey and Jillian making a carp wind sock for Uncle Chris' birthday, and Joey showing off the finished product while Jillian plays with her dress up doll.

And of course yesterday we had another Arboretum visit! We went when they opened so I could get in a 7 mile run...pushing 2 kids in a stroller that had somewhat flattened wheels, up really big hills...lets just say it was a challenging but fun run! Joey and Jillian ate their cereal and grapes while I ran and greeted other runners and bikers which many commented on how I was going to get those kids up the hills! Afterwards I changed and we played around until lunchtime. A lot of pictures probably seem like the same thing, but Joey just amazes me how "strong and brave" he is on the ropes and how Jillian is fearless on some things as well. Joey loved seeing the growth of the tadpoles from the last time we were there and did not want to leave that area at all. We finally got them to settle down for a quick craft before heading home.


Christy said...

Arboretum looks like fun-hope to get there this summer. It was nice of Joey and Jillian to be thinking about their Uncle on his birthday!!

Crystal M. said...

That stinks about the picnic but glad you were able to still make it fun at home, what a great mommy you are!!