Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blog Award

Ok, so I am one to delete e-mails that are chain e-mails, hitting the button as fast as I can before I find out what bad luck I will encounter if I don't forward to how many ever people in how ever short amount of time, etc. But, I can not ignore something from a friend like Ellen. Ellen is an adult with CHARGE that lives in Sydney and I am so excited to meet her this summer at the conference. Ellen passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to me (and 6 others) so I am doing my part as best I can...

Here's what I have to do:
*Thank the person who gave you this award
*Name7 things about yourself
*Pass the award along to 15 other bloggers

Thank you so much for this award Ellen, I am honored to receive it from you!
7 things about myself:
1- I get nervous when people ask me to name 7 (or any number of) things about myself because I don't think I'm that interesting!
2- I have 3 children 1 is in heaven, 2 are sitting with me at the table drawing while I blog this
3- My honeymoon was spent in Australia from Sydney to Cairnes. I wish I knew Ellen at that time!
4- I can not wait to meet Ellen in July at the CHARGE conference, as well as see many others that I haven't seen in 2 years and some others that I still haven't met in person but are in contact with through blogs or e-mail.
5- I just spent the last of my birthday money (and added a little bit to it)on a Morton Arboretum membership and cannot wait to go on Saturday! (Hint--blog post will probably be of the kids at the Children's Garden, I can't wait!)
6- I don't like doing puzzles...Joey is really good at them and pretty quick too, but I have never been a fan of puzzles!
7- I am so hopeful that the rain goes away for a while and we get some warmer days because I love being outside with Joey and Jillian!

And now to pass on to 15 bloggers, this will be tricky. I will need to duplicate some of Ellen's because I don't know that many bloggers and don't think all that many even read my blog! So here's my try:
Crystal and Eva M., Carrie Ann and Abby, Marissa S., Victoria and Moriah N., Katherine S., Lisa and Kennedy W., Tracy R., Theresa R., Chris W., Amy and Ben R., Karen and Lily R., Amy and Max, Catherine and Alexis S., Prayers of Hope, and Jack W. Whew, I think I have exhausted all blogs that I follow or know on this one!

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