Saturday, January 29, 2011

Where's Daddy?

This past week Phil had to go on a business trip to Russia. While he has been gone on business trips this long before, for some reason knowing he is so far away makes it seem like it is even longer. We were only able to talk briefly, sometimes at 3am, so Joey and Jillian had not been able to really talk to Daddy much and the one time we tried to Skype it was a bit disasterous. To top it off, Phil left Sunday evening, with a layover in Germany for 8 hours, thank goodness otherwise he would've been landing in Russia around the time of the deadly bombing on Monday! Thank goodness he flew into Nizhny and was safe. Here is my attempt to track Daddy and explain to them on the globe, computer, and with the toy airplane where Daddy is!

Daddy is now home and loving up Jill while Joey continues to nap (he has not been sleeping a whole lot since Daddy has been gone). Thank you to all of our friends and family that checked up on me and the kids on Monday and throughout the week! I know Phil will post soon more about his journey!


Nonna and Grampa said...

So happy Phil is home safe and sound. Love you all!!

Christy said...

Always something with you Kurbs!