Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bake, decorate, eat!

Joey and Jillian have been having a fun time baking last weekend and Friday night. Last weekend Joey and Jillian took out their new Playdoh Cake Making Station that they got for Christmas and had a great time making and decorating cakes. Saturday morning Joey helped Daddy make some super yummy waffles. Joey love to help out in the kitchen, especially when it comes to pouring and stirring things! He often helps Mommy make desserts and will help wash and spin our salads at dinnertime. Last Saturday Joey and Jillian made their own real cakes with the Easy Bake Oven Jillian got for Christmas! Joey was really interested in the tool that pushes the cake into and pulls the cake out of the oven. Both helped make a small, yet yummy yellow cake with chocolate frosting! They both loved it! And finally, Friday night Nonna and Grandpa came home from their trip to Florida so we made them dinner after watching the kids during the work day, and then celebrated by decorating our own cupcakes! Grandpa loves his chocolate and encouraged Joey to add more chocolate sprinkles, while Nonna kept Jillian from becoming a sprinkled mess!


Christy said...

Yum, yum, where can I get me some?!

Crystal M. said...

Looks so yummy!!!

Nonna and Grampa said...

My favorite things....cupcakes and grandchildren!! Such fun!