Friday, January 7, 2011

Jillian's 1 year check

This morning I took Jillian in for her 1 year check up. Jillian had the hardest time with the elevator...I think she might have a fear of elevators. There was an older lady in the elevator looking at Jillian and talking to her and another baby (9 1/2 months). Jillian was shaking her arms and legs and looked terrified. When the lady got off the elevator the other baby's mom asked me if she knew where she was going because she looked so scared. I thought maybe she does know, but thought she was still too young to be scared of the doctor's office. As soon as we got in she was perfectly fine. She had smiles for everyone, and laid perfectly still as her doctor checked her out. She said giggled and babbled a bit and her doctor said that she was the "best patient he's had all year, and one of the best 1 year olds he's ever had." He said they are usually hard to keep still, but she was so interested in all he was doing and held my hand while he checked her out. She then clapped, babbled, and was jumping on the table, but was very easy to keep calm and controlled. The nurses commented that she had great targets for her shots (yes she has plump thighs!) and Jillian let them know she was not happy with the shots, but calmed down quickly. The nurses were on there way out the door when they asked if I had any questions. I asked if we could go... they said yes unless I had a question. I was just not used to the whole get your shots and leave concept. With Josh and even Joey I would have to wait 15 minutes after their shots to have their hearts rechecked. Joey was given the okay at his last appointment with his cardiologist, whom we never have to see again because his murmur is gone, and Jillian has not had any issues at all. As her doctor said she is a beautiful and perfectly healthy! So here are her stats...

Weight: 21 pounds, 15 ounces (66%ile)
Height: 29 inches (48%ile)
Head circumference: 17 7/8 inches (62%ile)


Christy said...

Yeah Jillian! Not as good as Josh, not as bad as Joey at the Dr!!!

Nonna and Grampa said...

That's our perfect granddaughter!