Monday, January 24, 2011

Babies with babies

Jillian got a crib for her baby dolls from her Godmother, Auntie Trisha for her birthday. Unfortunately it wasn't here in time for her birthday, but I think it was better this way as Jillian was able to show off her mothering skills. She instinctively knew just what to do...she held the baby, patted her, put her in her crib and rocked her. She even gives her babies bottles. Never mind the times she picks them up by the leg, smacks their head against the crib, puts them tummy down with the pillow on their head...lets just say she still has some things to work on! But she loves her new crib. After a visit by her cousins house to watch the Bears lose (boo-hoo!) she came home and immediately put her baby to bed before heading upstairs herself.

And here are a few pics of Java loving the early Valentine's for Joey and Jillian (it was only $1 so who cares, she hasn't destroyed them yet!)



Aww, so cute!

Crystal M. said...

Java is such a sweet dog!!

Crystal M. said...

I dont know why but I thought the kids and Java were 2 different posts...LOL!!
Jillian looks adorable with her babies and I will never forget her handing all her babies to Alex....LOL!