Sunday, September 2, 2012

Nic helps Joey skate!

Saturday morning Joey had quite the surprise, Grandma came by to come and watch him play hockey, and just before he got out on the ice Nic (his role model!) and Mr. Sole (aka Mr. Hockey himself!) came to see Joey on the ice! They brought him a Wolves Hockey bag that he loves carrying around like a big guy, thank you so much! Joey was loving it all, and gave plenty of smiles and thumbs ups to us. Mr. Sole of course was King of the arena, back at one of his old stomping grounds knowing everyone there. Grandma got to see Joey in action, and Jill was happy to hang with Grandma and watch. After his practice, Nic put on his skates and Joey was in heaven playing tag and learning some moves from Nicolas. Joey has a picture of him and Nic on the ice holding hands hanging in his room. Thank you so much for getting up and out the door early to make Joey's day! After hockey we were off for some Jill time. Jill's dress for Auntie Trish's wedding came in, so we went to go pick it up and her try it on. Of course Jill thought she was a princess and did not want to get out of it, or give up the basket once Grandma told her she'd be holding a basket as she walked down the aisle. We got home and matched up the shoes we had gotten, and got the stamp of approval later in the day from Auntie Trish when we went for Andrew's birthday party (yes, another one, but his Grammy and Papa are in, so he got another party). Sorry no pics from the party this time, but the kids had a ton of fun! Anyways, Jill has a picture of her in her dress and loves showing it off, can't wait til she is all dolled up with her hair done, tights on, and running around at Auntie Trisha's wedding! Here is a preview of her in her dress, and a few pictures from the shower with Auntie Trisha and Auntie Pam.

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