Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to school

Sunday we finished off our fun filled summer by going to the Brookfield Zoo. The kids were super excited to go and we had a few passes from someone that I teach so we took advantage of the free day. We packed up and headed out to be one of the first to enter the zoo, saw quite a bit in a few hours, had lunch in front of the giraffes, and shortly after there was a downpour but luckily we were right by a covered area. The storm passed quickly and we were able to make our way to the dolphin show before heading home for naps. On our way out of the zoo we ran into one of Jillian's new teachers! (more about that after the zoo pics) Monday was a day of rest and relaxation before the start to a busy school year. Jillian was up first on Tuesday. She was very excited to go to school and be with her new teachers. She met them the week before with Daddy, and it is nice that we know one of her teachers from the CDH Parent Advisory Council. One of her daughters who is actually in Joey's class was also in the NICU for a period of time, and we have seen Beth, aka Mrs. W, every other month for the past few years. With 2 new teachers to their school, and both in the same classroom which is Jill's it is nice to know that we know Mrs. W outside of school as well and know that Jill is in good hands. Jill loves Mrs. W and was so excited to put on her back pack and head out to school. She remembered the routine from last year quite well: hanging up her back pack, going potty, washing hands, and the look on her face with Mrs. W pretty much says it all; I know she'll be fine and have no problems at all. Another big girl thing that I forgot to mention earlier in August was that Jillian was upgraded to her big girl bed! She is no longer in a toddler bed, but a full size bed, princess sheets and all! We were initially worried she might fall out since her room doesn't allow for the bed to be against a wall to keep her from rolling out at least the one way, but she has proven big girl status once again and has been in her big girl bed for 3 weeks already! Today was Joey's turn. Joey has always be my more apprehensive one, to put it lightly. But he was also excited for school this morning. It was a rainy morning so he donned his froggy raincoat and boots and brought his back pack along. He found his name on his cubby without problem, and washed his hands and waited for the doors to open. He saw his friend Ryan who he played t-ball with over the summer and they both exchanged smiles and hellos. I started to get nervous as I saw his teacher open the door, she said hello to Joey and he turned around and ran right to her. He picked out his name tag and his teacher helped him pin it on, as she was doing so another parent stepped in front of me and I was worried Joey was going to get upset. He never looked back, never said goodbye, just walked right into class! I was so proud of him after the leg hugging and tears from last year which seemed to last longer than they should have, and I thought for sure with Jillian being Tuesday/Thursday and him being Monday/Wednesday/Friday he would want to be with us. I was so pleasantly surprised and almost worried as to why he did so well, but I guess the fact is he is growing up! I didn't even have a chance to take more pictures because he was moving so fast to get into class! Jillian is going to be able to go to work with me Wednesdays and Fridays while Joey is in school. She goes to the Kids Club while I teach a class, so today was her first time heading in there on her own. She was very shy to my friends at the desk and asked me not to leave in the daycare. She didn't cry but was a bit cautious. I helped her find some ponies to play with and then headed out. When I returned she was still playing in the same spot and Sara had mentioned she didn't get up to play with the other kids but also was fine with them coming to play by her. So I think Friday she will open up a bit more to them and that new experience. She did say she loved mommy's work and wanted to go back on Friday, luckily she is pretty adaptable and I wanted to train and teach so that I could be there to drop off and pick my kids up from school and have one along if I need to like I am doing this year. I am sure she will settle into that part of the routine and we will still have a good hour and a half once I'm done with work to play before getting Joey.

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