Saturday, September 1, 2012


Last weekend was Joey's first time on the ice. Joey was so excited to play hockey, more than any other sport we've asked him about. When we got the park district brochure I asked him if there was anything he wanted to do this fall. Without even opening it up he said hockey. I thought, he must be confused, so asked again. Hockey. He said he really, really wanted to play hockey. He had done an All Sorts of Sports class before and when they did floor hockey that was one that he really enjoyed, so we thought sure, why not. Now, if you remember his t-ball attempts, the last was successful because it was outside, but he was quite hesitant. He did have fun with t-ball, but with hockey we weren't sure about the whole ice part. So we told Joey he should talk to Mr. Sole aka Mr. Hockey. Joey spent the next 2 days stalking his car to see if he was home and then finally he was able to bring him the guide to tell him he wants to play and get his expert opinion. We ended up signing him up, and I wasn't sure what to expect. The night before he said he probably needed to wait until he was 6 or a little older, and I kept telling him that Mr. Sole said he was the perfect size. In the morning Joey was very excited to go, and once we got to the rink was stoked to get his skates on and watch the others. He loved hanging out in the locker room waiting for his coach, and then his first step on the ice...he was off. Not one look back at us, only smiles, of course he fell, but got up so fast, and loves it! We couldn't be happier with his love for hockey!

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