Wednesday, September 19, 2012

13th Marathon!

Yes, it was my unlucky 13th marathon this year. Given the fact that I felt it was an unlucky number I still finished with a fair time, not my best (3rd best time), but not my worst either. With the hot summer it was hard training, but the support from my personal curb crew pushes me to the finish every time, thank you Mom, Phil, Christy, Mom, Dad, Joey, Jillian, Andrew, and Emma for chasing around St. Charles to Aurora and back to watch me run, it really means the world to me even if its for a quick wave or hi-five! Not sure why these pics spread out into 3 batches, but here they are, the kids seem to enjoy the mayhem of the marathon, and Joey was my perfect coach handing off some chapstick when I needed it most!

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Nonna and Grampa said...

It was a great event. Sandy, you're amazing! Joey did a perfect chapstick handoff. It was fun and Dad and I are proud to be part of it.