Saturday, March 31, 2012

We spent March 14 as a family, everyone took off of work and as we have in the past celebrated the family we have. We went to the Field Museum where we were all able to wander and enjoy, afterwards we came home and played with our neighbors, who allowed us to feel like we were not being isolated that day, but a part of the world still. Later we went to dinner at Stir Crazy a place where we ate the night before Joey came home from the NICU, and a place that is close to Assumption so we have made that our place of choice when we want to grab some grub and we are at Assumption. Afterwards the weather was still beautiful so we put out our blanket at Assumption and let the kids play while we all talked and hung out together as a whole family. Joey and Jillian both had their few moments of odd behavior that could be directly linked to the loss of their brother which I will tell you about at a later time, but all in all we had a peaceful day.

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Crystal M. said...

What a beautiful day!!!!