Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hockey 1, Hockey 2...

A few weeks back our neighbors invited us to the Blackhawk vs Rangers game! We hadn't been to the United Center in a very, very long time, and between that and a night out with great friends we were excited! To top it all off Dom scored some great seats and we were amazed with his connections in the hockey world! We had a lot of fun with them, thank you!

Then about a week later (after we had a pool day on 3/17) we were offered tickets to see the Express at the Sears Centre. It was the kids first hockey game and they both really loved it! The game and atmosphere was perfect for the kids (and us)! Thank you again for all the hockey fun!

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Crystal M. said...

Hockey games are a lot of fun cause there is always action, I know my kids love them but get board at baseball games and sometimes I dont blame them....LOL!