Saturday, March 31, 2012

Is it really March?

Today when I was at dance class with Jill, Daddy called to say we should pick up a bathing suit for her on the way home...what? First, she did have one from her birthday, but it is March, why would we need a bathing suit? Of course you leave the boys at home and Joey who asks every day if we can put the pool out got on Daddy's good side, and sure enough at 10am the kids were in the pool! It was well into the 80's but still didn't seem quite right to be in the pool in March, even if Daddy emptied out the hot water heater to fill the pool! In the evening Mr. Sole was so nice to give us tickets to the Express hockey game for the kids to see their first game! Thank you--see below for the hockey post!


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Crystal M. said...

It was AWESOME weather and I was so glad to be home and feeling well enough to enjoy it!! That is the same pool I want to get Eva and Bailey but we cannot pull it off right now. Glad the kids enjoyed the lovely weather!!