Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weekend in Photos

The lazy days of summer have got me again. I am in a rush to post these pictures so that I am all caught up for Joey's birthday on Sunday.

Last Friday we went to see Andrew at his last day of camp. He was at camp for 2 weeks because he did 2 camps back to back even though it was the same theme. He got to spend time with his neighbors the second week which made it all the more fun for him, and a little different than the first week on the last day we were invited to hear some of the songs he had learned. Since Andrew was so supportive of Joey in his big race, Joey didn't hesitate at the chance to see Andrew in action.

Friday night was Northlake Days. We went to Auntie Steph and Uncle Don's beforehand where Joey got his first birthday gift. Unfortunately Auntie Steph and Uncle Don won't be here for Joey's birthday, but he was super excited to get a ball, hat and mitt, a great Cars outfit which he wore the next day. We walked over to Northlake Days where Joey and Jillian loved all the rides, lights, games, and attention. Auntie Steph even braved the merry-go-round with Joey and Uncle Don cuddled Jill. Afterwards we went back for some birthday cake and to hang out with Uncle Mikey and his friend and kids before heading back home.

Saturday Joey went to his first movie theater movie... Cars 2! We were surprised to find out that it was in 3D, so Daddy spent some time tinkering with the glasses to get Andrew and Joey some non-3D glasses. It only took the Smurfs preview with something jumping out at the screen to make Joey flinch and not want his glasses on anymore, so Daddy's hard work didn't quite pay off, but the effort was appreciated. The girls were at Grandma's while we were at the York Theater, which I hadn't been to since I was in high school so it was neat to see how things had changed there as well. Joey kept saying that the movie screen was bigger than his house! Even though he watched it without the glasses so I'm sure it was a little blurred at times he loved it, sat threw it really well, and did a great job eating all of his popcorn. We have heard in the past that 3D movies can make kids sick, as Ben has displayed in the past, but Joey actually choked a little bit on popcorn before the movie and got a little sick in Mommy's popcorn bucket. I guess he was helping me with portion control!

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