Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day and past weekend

I have been very lazy in posting more than just pictures of what is going on. I will do a Joshua's Journey soon. I have a list of things I want to write/share, but that list keeps growing, I'll blame summer and activities, but sometimes it is just so hard to articulate grief and a love to and from beyond this earth.

First off here is Father's Day...

the kids painted Daddy a "trophy" which Mommy was not good at assembling so it became a candy dish for the Hershey Kisses that they gave Daddy along with some buttons that they really enjoyed making (gluing a whole lot!) for Daddy. We headed to Assumption for a breakfast picnic where Joey kept telling us "Josh's house is cool." And when an old Volvo drove down the side road he said "Josh is here!" After I corrected him and said that was not Josh's car Joey then said "Jesus is here!" To that I laughed, told him how Jesus is always with us, just as Josh is always in our hearts and we can talk to either of them whenever we want. However, I do think that Joey thinks Jesus drives a Volvo!

After coming back home and playing around with Daddy it was nap time. After naps Jillian was looking a little bit like a straggly mess with her hair, so I grabbed her purse and brought her up to our bathroom and let her play in the mirror while I attempted to cut her bangs! Yes, first official haircut, even if it is just bangs, so I had to take pictures. She loved sifting through her purse looking through her fake lipstick, keys, brush, and little book, but when it came down to cutting her bangs she did not like it at all! But, she does look a lot better.

After naps we met Nonna and Grandpa for dinner and then headed back to their house for dessert and to play with Uncle Don, Auntie Steph, and Mikey! We will be seeing them again real soon for Northlake Days which is right by their house. Last year Joey loved riding on the cars, but Jill was a little too young to do anything. I'm sure this year will be fun with both of them!

And finally we got our first babysitting job with Jessie on Tuesday. She was a good girl, played hard, ate well, and loved resting on the pile of shoes that we have by the back door. I guess I'll have to leave that mess there for her to cozy up to! And today a few pictures of some inside fun painting, baking, and I set up an obstacle course for them. Hoping for warmer, sunnier weather!

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Crystal M. said...

Very sweet, I love the dogs sleeping on the shoes. How could that be comfy?? LOL!