Saturday, June 18, 2011

Boomtown Half: The Race That Could Not Be Run

A little over a week ago I saw a run was going to be held today to benefit the people of Joplin, MO. It was the Boomtown Half Marathon that was to take place in Joplin, MO last weekend. Due to the devastation of the recent tornadoes the race was not going to take place. The race I saw was in support of Joplin and called the Boomtown Benefit: The Race That Could Not Be Run. The distance would be anywhere from 10 yards to 10 miles. There would be no time clock, no fancy t-shirts, no closed streets, no lines of port-a potties, and only water fountains along the course and water bottles at the finish. The entry fee was a donation to United Way for the people of Joplin. Noting the 10 yards to 10 mile distance (not to mention the race was put together in 10 days)I thought it would be perfect to donate and have Joey and I run. I would push Joey in the stroller for 9.75 miles and he would run the last .25 to the finish. He said he was going to beat me! And I believed him! He was really excited, and this morning when I went to get him as I do most races at an early hour he smiled at me, hopped in the car donning his Lightning McQueen race shirt and was ready to go. He persevered through the long (one toilet) potty line doing his dance but keeping dry (the first part of a runner's agony!) We took off and Joey was in his element with the beautiful scenery, looking at the water, the trees, the geese, cheering me and other runners on, and eating his Cheerios. We met a few people, including the race director who I had e-mailed earlier in the week to make sure it'd be okay to bring Joey in the stroller and have him run the 10 yards or whatever it'd turn out to be. We were at 9.94 miles when I pulled him out of the stroller to finish. He was startled by another runner and then didn't want to run or was confused, something. Turns out he fell on the graveled pavement, got a couple of good boo-boos on his knees and was crying. I told him its not easy to run, and when you fall you get up, and the most important thing is to try and finish. So, he whined/cried his way but he did cross the finish and he accepted his medal. I guess sometimes the great visions in your head don't always turn out that way in reality (I wasn't holding hands with Joey smiling and skipping our way across the finish line of his first race, but that is life)! Daddy, Jillian, Auntie, Andrew, and Emma were there to cheer us on too. Andrew made a sign for Joey to show his support. Joey slept the whole way home. Running is tough, but with a little more training I think he'll do just fine!

It was a beautiful day weather wise, and of course a great way to support the people trying to get their lives back together in Joplin. There were 153 registrants accepted, the same number of deaths. Each bib was in remembrance of one of them. My bib read: Gregan D. Sweet, 59, Joplin was at the Pizza Hut with his wife when the tornado hit, according to his son's Facebook posting. His wife survived. Joey's bib: Steven Haack Stephens, 28, Joplin. Died from injuries after he helped rescue his wife and mother when their vehicle was struck by tornado. Worked in construction. Joey's "traumatic" morning is absolutely nothing compared to the devastation the people of Joplin faced and continue to face as they restore their lives and community. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Joplin.

Not sure if this is going to work, but Christy had way better pictures of the whole thing than I did since I was running. Poor Joey, but I can't look at these without laughing. Try clicking here.

Last night Java was also able to meet Grandma's latest addition. The kitchen seems slow going compared to the quick taking to Jessie! Yes, last night Grandma's puppy was named. We had the help of Auntie Pam (#1 Dog Lover), Auntie, Uncle Chris, Andrew, Emma, Mr. and Mrs. Sole, Dom, Nick, and Gigi to help figure out a name. Jessie got quite the welcoming with everyone playing outside and Snowy and Java there to play and pounce with. Jessie seemed to like nestling in for a rest on Mrs. Sole's feet. Grandma reported that Jessie slept fairly well last night waking almost every 2 hours but going back to sleep nicely and taking to her crate really well.
(After the race today we had some outside water fun, so just threw some of those pics on at the end.)


Tracy said...

You are absolutely amazing Sandy! What a wonderful way to get your children involved in the spirit of helping others! Love the pics!

Crystal M. said...

Loving the running pics, what an amazing thing you did and to have Joey join as well.