Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jillian at 3 weeks

Ok, so 2 weeks have gone by with no updating, sorry about that! Everyone has been doing great. Joey continues to be concerned for Jillian, wanting to feed her, share his toys, and be apart of everything. Jillian is still learning her sleep schedule, but doing better. We think she has been going through a little growth spurt since she was eating every hour around the clock yesterday! She has been filling out as well, and at her 2 week appointment she had gained 13 ounces in only 9 days! Watch out Joey, she's going to catch up fast!

During the past couple weeks we have had some fun visitors. First Auntie Trish came over to watch Jillian and help out with Joey. Jillian enjoyed time with her Godmother-to-be and Auntie Trish made her the coziest, cutest blanket which she uses quite a bit.

This past Friday Nicole came over to babysit Joey and Jillian while we got some things done around the house. Joey remembered Nicole right away and started showing off all of his toys and playing with her. Jillian got her attention as well and Nicole did great with the two of them. Sorry, we forgot to pull out the camera! Saturday our neighbors came over to meet Jillian. Joey loves playing with all of them, so he had a blast, and Jillian took her turn with everyone as well. Unfortunately Jillian slept most of the time, but we know soon enough she will be throwing basketballs on their lawn and enticing them to play with her just like Joey! Thanks Aubrie for the yummy cookies too...they didn't make it past Sunday, they were very good!

Not much else happening here. We tried getting Jillian, Joey, and Java together for a picture, but Jillian was not in the best mood. Joey really enjoyed holding his sister though, and of course leaning against Java! This is Daddy's last week of leave before going back (to the basement) and we'll miss him playing all day!


Nonna and Grampa said...

I love the pictures of Joey, Jillian and Java! Downloading them as I write this.

Crystal M. said...

Great pictures, she does look like she is getting big. Joey you keep being the best big brother you can I know you will love her forever.

Christy said...

Already they don't like each other...that is supposed to happen when they are fighting over toys!!