Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Fun Weekend

Friday night we took Joey and Jillian out to Uncle Don and Auntie Steph's house to help celebrate Uncle Don's birthday. Joey had a blast running around and playing with Uncle Kevin and Uncle Mikey. He was showing off some of his toys, playing with pillows, giving hugs to Baby, and just getting crazy running around and showing them how much energy he has! Jillian was very good too, she stayed awake for part of the ride out and was pretty wakeful most of the time that we were there. She enjoyed the company as well as all of the love and attention! Thanks for a fun night out!

On Saturday we had Uncle Paul, Aunt Katherine, Ben, Abbey, and Juliette over for breakfast. The kids played well together and ate at their own little table. It was really cute. Abbey and all the boys went downstairs to play games while all the other girls stayed upstairs where it was a little quieter. Thanks for coming over, Joey was beat from playing so hard, and Jillian was glad to be snuggled and held by Auntie Katherine!

Sunday (today) we made it out for Jillian's first mass experience. We made it in before mass started which was great, and both Joey and Jillian were excellent the whole time! Afterwards we went for a late breakfast and we're relaxing the rest of the day before Daddy goes back to work tomorrow after being off since Jillian was born!


Crystal M. said...

Looks like a nice weekend, glad you were all able to get out. I hope everything goes smooth after Phil goes back to work.
Crystal and Eva

Nonna and Grampa said...

It was such a fun visit. Jillian took it all in and was awake for most of the visit!! Joey was just so entertaining and so very cute. Hope Phil had a good day back at work. Love you all!!

Christy said...

Back to the grind=rest!! Good luck with both by yourself. You've done it already with Josh and Joe, but different ages is scary! Just tell me how easy it is!