Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back Home!

Yesterday afternoon we were discharged from the hospital and made it home...I think it was the coldest day this winter, but Jillian stayed bundled and Daddy warmed the car up well for her. Thanks to all of our many visitors, e-mails, phone calls, and well wishes for welcoming Jillian. A big thank you to Auntie Christy, Uncle Chris, and Andrew for taking care of Joey while we were at the hospital. We knew Joey was having a lot of fun, and barely missed us at all!

Jillian rang in the new year wearing her new outfit from Auntie Bethany, and screaming for a midnight snack! She must've been getting ready for her big photo shoot on New Year's Day. She did really well with the camera lady for her photo sitting. On the 2nd we were discharged from the hospital and Jillian came home to meet Java, see her brother in his element, and learn the lay of the land here.

Joey has been a good big brother (today he is 18 months!), he is always concerned when she cries and enjoys helping with her feedings. He has shown her the bouncy chair, turning the sound and lights on and off, and is quick to let us know if we need to tend to her. He has had his bouts of jealousy, but for the most part he is doing great.


Nonna and Grampa said...

Welcome home Jillian. She's just so pretty. Joey is so interested in his new little sister. What a beautiful family.

Christy said...

Glad mom and Jillian are home and doing well! She is such a doll and Joey was having fun with us, saying "baby" a lot!!

Crystal M. said...

Welcome home!!! I am glad everything went well and Joey loves his sister so much. Again I would love to take pics for you all, just let me know when you would love to do that. Maybe when its alittle warmer, but its up to you.
Congrats again,
Crystal and Eva


It's really cute to hear how Joey is acting towards her.