Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Joey celebrated Halloween by dressing up as Purdue Pete...the mascot for Purdue. When Daddy is watching the games on Saturdays Joey will often stop what he's doing, grab his milk, and sit on Daddy's lap and watch the game. He really is a fan! We didn't make it out to a lot of houses, but he enjoyed himself a lot. Andrew seemed to really catch on to the whole "getting treats" idea and was really excited about it! I'm sure next year the two will be up and down the block faster than we can chase after them!

Other Fall Fun:
The day before Halloween Mommy took Joey out to Grandma's house where she was watching Andrew. We all went to the library for a Halloween adventure! Joey gave his pumpkin to Java thinking she needed it as a costume. Joey was dressed in Andrew's candy corn outfit from last year, and the hat and socks that our neighbors got him matched perfectly! Andrew loved the hat too, and keeps calling it his party hat! A few other pictures that I threw in here are of Joey playing in the leaves and enjoying all of the autumn colors and Joey playing "Mr. Fix It."


Crystal M. said...

Love the leaves pics, I always loves doing that. Sounds like a great halloween weekend, next year you will have a new little pumpkin to dress up.
Crystal and Eva

Nonna and Grampa said...

Sooooooooo cute

Christy said...

Joey looked so cute, and trick-or-treating was fun! Nice fall pictures-Joey sitting in the leaves is a keeper!