Saturday, October 31, 2009

Joshua's Journeys #17- Halloween and Home Equipment

Happy Halloween! Last year in the NICU, Josh was all decked out in the Corduroy costume that Nurse Stephanie had made for him...ears and all! He sat in his stroller and I walked him around the NICU as we passed out candy to nurses, therapists, and anyone else we came across (old enough to eat candy of course!). Josh's Halloween treat bag was filled with candy and we put it on his bedside table after our walks for those to pick at throughout the day.
Mommy spent a good portion of the morning with Paul from the home equipment company we were going to be using when Josh was discharged. Since the anticipated day was coming soon (finally!), we had to learn the equipment that Josh would be needing at home. It is slightly different than that of the hospital. We had to make sure we had enough outlets and power to support the equipment as well as how to use, clean, and order equipment and supplies. Josh would be coming home with a stationary suction machine, portable suction machine, tube feeding pump, tube feeding bags, suction catheters, humidifier for his trach (trach collar), pulse oximeter (don't even start us on this one! Josh and pulse ox's don't go together!), lots and lots of tubing, extra motors, and other ancillary items (ambu bag, oxygen tank, etc.).

Back to Halloween, Josh was Corduroy for Halloween because it was one of his favorite books. We read it to him often, and he looked at the book from his crib. He even had Corduroy's Halloween book for the occasion! Josh was a very cute Corduroy.


oleyfriends said...
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oleyfriends said...


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Christy said...

I love the ears, so cute! He did make a cute corduroy!