Friday, November 6, 2009

Joshua's Journeys #19 Homecoming!

"I can feel you breathe, I can feel your heartbeat faster. Take me home tonight! I don't want to let you go till you see the light! Take me home tonight! Listen honey iust like Ronnie sang: Be my little baby!" (Take Me Home Tonight, by Eddie Money)

Last year today was the best day of our lives. Josh was finally, after 126 days (but who was counting?), discharged from the NICU. Josh's homecoming was a pure joyous occasion. We couldn't wait to get him home. After a goodbye to Josh's favorite nurses, exchanging of gifts and well wishes, Phil played "Take Me Home Tonight" (yes, by Eddie Money) as we left the NICU. Tina, one of Josh's primaries, had tears in her eyes as she hugged us like her own kids, helped us all into the car and watched us drive away. We of course have kept in contact with her, Bethany, Amy, and a few other of Josh's favorite "NICU aunties."

Josh knew he was going somewhere special. After 126 days he saw his first ray of sunlight (although it really was a cloudy day), breathed his first breath of fresh, outside air, and had his first car ride. He was extremely content the whole way home, gazing out the window, not needing suctioning or assistance one bit. We continued playing his song the whole way home, and as we pulled into our driveway we saw our house decorated by his aunt and cousin. Josh first met Java, which Java knew there was another little one coming home since we would bring Josh's laundry home to be washed and Java would sniff, and play with some of his clothes before we'd wash them to learn his scent. Java was very protective of Josh, just as she was with Joey, but it seemed even more so with Josh. She would guard him and stay close by as much as she could. After his greeting with Java we brought Joshua up to his room to see what he thought. We got a special cookie cake delivered to us from our friends (they know Daddy loves his cookies!) welcoming Josh home. That evening we even got a visit from the local police department checking in on Josh to see how he was doing and to meet him in case there was ever an emergency, they would know a little bit about him. It was so wonderful to see Josh watching Java, playing with his brother on the floor, being held in someone's arms on our comfy couch, and having our family together under one roof for the first time that night.