Thursday, April 16, 2009

Joshua's Journeys #2: Walking in Winter

Joshua and Joseph going for their first jogging stroller ride together February '09

Earlier in February the weather had gotten unseasonably warm for this time of year so we decided it would be a good time to take the boys for a walk in the jogging stroller. Josh always loved stroller rides in the NICU and as a welcome home gift Auntie Christy, Uncle Chris, and Andrew got him an umbrella stroller that we used to stroll Josh in around the house. Josh would be so calm and inquisitive as we'd stroll him around either the NICU, or the walls of our family room or basement. Outside of cuddling while waiting at doctors' offices, Josh enjoyed the stroller rides to and from the car when we'd go to his many appointments.

We bundled the boys up to get some fresh air since we all were getting a little bit of cabin fever. We popped the boys in the stroller, dad carried the suction machine although I was somewhat convinced we wouldn't need it; Josh had been doing really well with his secretions and boy did he have a strong cough, as well as the fact that he loved stroller rides! Well, we headed out the door and off we went. We didn't make it past the driveway before Josh was able to wiggle his hat over his eyes the way he always managed to do in the car. This did make him mad all the time, which in turn made him very goobery. So, we suctioned him. Then we were ready to go... apparently it was a little bit windier than anticipated but I was determined that these boys were going to have their first stroller ride together in the jogging stroller! So we kept going, convincing ourselves that everyone was happy and warm. Halfway into our loop Josh decided to "Popeye"-- he'd close his one eye, push out his lower lip, and cry. It was so incredibly cute, but of course he was crying which meant more suctioning. He continued the whole way: Popeye faced, pouting, and letting us know he was not having as much fun as we'd have thought. We were laughing pretty hard. It was a short walk, but we did get it in, and I'm glad that he was able to take a stroller walk outside, even if it was in the middle of winter! He sure was a trooper!

Josh in the NICU dressed as Corduroy for Halloween

Josh and Andrew at home November '08

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Eva Nichole said...

Sweet pictures and I LOVE the popeye look, Eva has the same look and we just love it. Her 1st picture after birth was that look...hee hee!
I also really enjoy reading the stories of Joshua and how you remember special moments.
Crystal and Eva