Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fun with the Easter Bunny!

Joey and Andrew saw the Easter Bunny today. They both were very happy to meet the friendly critter and their parents had a blast watching them!

Sandy and I were saying how fun it would have been with Joshy. Oh, the popeye faces he would've made!

I'm gonna try something new with photobucket here, so bear with me.


Chris/ty & Andrew said...

Joshy would have been the only one not to cry!! He adapted well to people, I'm sure even fuzzy ones!! I can't help but still laugh every time I see those pictures!

Eva Nichole said...

OOOO So sweet even if they do cry...hee hee!
Eva loves charaters like that and that is why Disney World was great for her and I am sure Josh would have been the sameway.
Crystal and Eva