Monday, March 2, 2009

The Doctor is in

Yesterday we had to call in the expert: Joey came down to the hospital to see what is going on with Josh. It seems that the doctors still don't quite have a good handle on Josh and unfortunately our goal of coming home Friday seems to be shot. How long will Josh be held hostage here? We don't know. It may be weeks or months. He finishes his antibiotics on Wed. and we'll see if the infection comes back. If it does he may need to have the shunt revised; in any case he needs to stop spilling sodium and potassium out and stop holding on to the small amounts of fluid he is getting.

Joey has been his usual laid back self just going with the flow. He is so close to crawling and loves to stand and hold onto mommy and daddy's hands while trying to walk. We don't want to miss any of his milestones while we are caught up with Josh. Grandma and Nonna have been doing a great job watching him while dad works, but having the whole family spread over a couple of zip codes has been wearing on all of us. Later this week we may all be moving to the city for a while to be closer to Josh and try to restore some routine and home life.

Thank you Uncle Kevin and Uncle Andy for stopping by over the weekend to hang out with Josh. Uncle Chris and Auntie Christy also stopped by to see how the little guy was doing. Josh really enjoyed your company!

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The Wade's said...

We are thinking and praying for you guys!!