Saturday, March 28, 2009

Missing You

Not an hour goes by that we are not thinking of and missing Joshua. He filled our lives with so much love and life that he is still present everywhere. Joey has picked up many of Josh's mannerisms that he never had done before such as crossing his legs, tugging at his ear playfully, and keeping us up at night! We have read that Joey is exhibiting the classic signs of grieving for an infant... not sleeping well through the night, being a little more clingy to his parents, crying more than usual, and he's a little more irritable. Joey definitely knows a part of him is gone. I think the "twin thing" is a true phenomenon. We do know that our angel is present and watching over us all.

Thank you to all of our friends and neighbors that have been helping us get through the past 2 weeks. We appreciate all you do and are grateful to have you in our lives.


Eva Nichole said...

It is amazing how twin connect, I do think Joey knows and he is sad. I am always thinking about you all and I have you in my thoughts and prayers.
Crystal and Eva

Nonna and Grampa said...

Joey's grief is clear. He misses his twin brother. We hold all four of you close to our hearts.
Nonna and Grampa

Mandrake said...

Your family is always in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for keeping all of us updated to let us know how you guys are doing


Those are sweet pictures. We miss you Josh.