Thursday, March 5, 2009

Making Lemonade

Last night we made the move to the city and today was day one with everyone somewhat more together. We checked in to the Ronald McDonald House which is about 4 blocks from the hospital. We have it worked out now so that during the week mommy will watch Josh and Joey at the hospital while daddy works at the house. Once he is done he is able to come to the hospital to be with all of us and mommy can take a break and go back to shower and change. Daddy takes Joey home at night, gives him his last bottle of the day, and tucks him in before going back to work for a few more hours. Mommy is spending the nights at the hospital with Josh. It seems like the best way to make lemonade with the lemons life has handed us the past few weeks. Our family is at least together for the majority of the day.

Josh is on day one off of his antibiotics. His feedings were increased ever so slightly. We have at least another week or two here if all goes really well. If the "infection" comes back it may be a lot longer, but right now we are hoping to be home in a couple of weeks. Joey has been doing really well. He loves flirting with the nurses and gives smiles to everyone he sees. Josh is also smiling a lot more now that he is back to playing with his brother. Mommy was able to take them both down to infant play group today where they were able to play with a lot of different toys. We got a play mat for the room so once the roommate is discharged (sometime tomorrow afternoon) we can have some more room to sprawl out a bit in the room.
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For those that are interested there are some more pictures of the boys and some of the house we are staying at too.

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