Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012!

To start off the Halloween festivities we went to Joey's school for a parade and party! Joey elected to be Superman for school since he could not wear a mask or have any handheld props. So it was Superman for school followed by a change after lunch into Captain America! We went to the library with Nonna for another parade, this time both could participate together, and we can never go to the library for just a program! Both Joey and Jillian love the library, checking out books, playing on the computer, doing some puzzles, and playing with the stuff they have all around. Thanks Nonna for letting them show you what they love to do there! After spending naptime at the library instead of in bed, we came home and got ready for Andrew, Emma, Auntie, Uncle Chris, and Grandma to show up so we could go trick or treating!

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