Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Circus Circus

Children of all ages, that means us, come see the greatest show on earth! Saturday we splurged and went to Ringling Bros. Circus! It was awesome! It was almost 3 hours long, the average child's age was probably under 5, and it was really amazing. The kids took in all that they could, and we spent all that we could! I just have to tell anyone who may go to the circus that the $33 tickets are worth it (we don't go to the movies much at all--maybe once or twice a year, so I thought that was my year's worth of movies) but a box of popcorn...$15! The programs, light spinners, don't even ask, it was a good two bill day, but totally worth it! The theme for the circus was Dragons! The performers came from all over to show us the strength, courage, wisdom, and heart of the dragon in them, and asked if we have the spirit of the dragon in us...Joey and Jill definitely do! They loved it! Jill's favorite was the dragon that we saw at the very end blowing smoke and all. Joey says his favorite was seeing the "king of the jungle lion, and tigers" but he was also in awe of the ninjas jumping through fire and knives, and the motorcycles spinning in the cage. The tightrope, trapeze artists, acrobats, really all of it was quite amazing.

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