Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Fun!

I am falling a little behind in updating only because so many fun things happen from this time of year til the end of the year! A week and a half ago on Friday we went to Sonny Acres to get our pumpkins! Always a fun night, and luckily it wasn't too terribly cold, and it had just rained so we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. We went just after dinner, and just before we left to come back home the high school crowd seemed to be heading out for the night. The kids had a blast picking out there pumpkins and having the run of the place. Andrew, Emma, Uncle Chris, and Grandma braved the Haunted Hayride while the rest of us checked out the goats! It was a little late to carve the pumpkins when we got home, but we had a lot of fun playing out there. Saturday morning after hockey and dance Joey couldn't wait to carve his pumpkin. Daddy helped Joey while I helped Jill, and then once the seeds were out the kids pretty much got bored so they went to play while Mommy and Daddy got to work. This was my first pumpkin carved like this...I am usually a triangle eyes, nose, and whatever happens for a mouth kinda carver so when Jill asked for Snow White and Daddy told me I was doing it I was a bit worried. Daddy did great on Ironman, and said in front of Joey that Snow White looked like she had a mustache! It was the princess upper lip, not a mustache but Joey totally believed him and tells most people that Mommy made a silly pumpkin of Snow White with a mustache! That Sunday we also went to Goebert's Farm with Nonna and Grandpa! Grandpa made his yummy blueberry pancakes to give us some energy before heading out to feed all the animals! The kids loved riding the horses, the camels, and feeding every animal they encountered! Jill was even fascinated with the mechanical dinosaur that ate a pumpkin and then thought it was hilarious that it had quite the belch afterwards! We had some tasty snacks and looked around the store before heading back home. It was quite the fall weekend! This past weekend (like I said I am over a week behind) we didn't do as much outside since it was much cooler. We're glad we were able to get out and have our fun when we did!

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