Monday, October 8, 2012

Congrats Auntie Trish and Uncle Alex, and a pretty flower girl named Jill!

Super exciting weekend! Jillian was a flower girl in her Godmother and Aunt's wedding. Auntie Trisha and Uncle Alex had a most beautiful wedding and Jillian was more than ecstatic to be a part of it. We did the teaser pics of her trying on her dress at the wedding shop, but it really couldn't compare to how pretty Jill looked and pictures can't capture how awestruck she was to be a part of something so big and be a princess! For starters the rehearsal was Friday night and Jill learned her part in using the basket of leaves to walk down the aisle with her cousin Andrew. The two were a cute couple and both personality plus. Jill received a basket full of goodies from Auntie Trish and Uncle Alex, which was filled to the brim, some of the bigger highlights were stick-on earrings, a very cute frame about her being a flower girl that is already on her vanity table in her room, books, and a string of pearls! Auntie Trish, Auntie Pam, and Auntie Tiff as well as the rest of the bridesmaids were so wonderful at including Jillian on every step of the wedding day. She went with them to get her hair done (which she had a few moments from being burned by the curling iron but recovered well) and was ecstatic to have her nails professionally done! She loved watching the other ladies get ready too. She had her fair share of snacks, ask any of the girls, but she didn't have a real lunch or nap and did awesome the whole day. After getting her dress and pearls on she was ready for action. Auntie Trish made a most beautiful bride and all of her bridesmaids were sure to take good care of her. We headed to the 19 Century Club for the wedding... then across the street for some pictures... and back to the 19C Club for a fun reception... The kids loved dancing, were dancing during cocktail hour, and Jillian was whisked up in the dancing with many friends, bridesmaids, and even the bride and groom took her for a few spins on the floor. Jill has her mom's blood running through her; while Joey fell asleep in Daddy's arms, Jill and I were still on the dance floor. Jill has decided she loves Kiddie Cocktails and given the chance would have closed the place down with the rest of the wedding party. Joey was quite out though so we got Jill to leave the dance floor only to have her first tearful moment of the night when we were saying goodbye to Grandma and she kept asking me for another Kiddie Cocktail, wanting to go back up and keep dancing! Once we hit the car and put pj's on, she was out within 3 blocks. As I mentioned earlier, Auntie Trish is Jillian's Godmother, but she is also Joshua's Godmother too. Never forgotten and I am always taken off guard, Trish walked down the aisle with the rosary that was made for her from the flower from Josh's casket. And if that wasn't enough to make me cry finding out, seeing the rosary, and then watching the beautiful bride walk down the aisle knowing she had that, the song that they exited to from the ceremony as husband and wife was Viva La Vida by Coldplay (done by the quartet), but that song has been a "Josh" song between Phil and I since we first heard it shortly after he passed. So once again, tears down my cheeks and knowing he is letting the sun shine down along with his sweet smile. Alex and Trish looked so happy and so in love. They had a great first dance--so fitting for them, and such a wonderful day. I do have a lot more pictures Auntie Trish, a few keepers from the park for sure, but didn't post here. ;) Congrats to the happy couple!

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