Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So a quick update on happenings here. After Joey's birthday and party we headed up to MI for an overnight to celebrate Scarlett's first birthday. They had a lot of fun at the party, swimming in the hotel pool, and catching up at dinner. We have had our share of summer water fun with the 100 degree days we've been having. We've had our pool up, Joey got a fun sprinkler wiggly thing, and we also have taken time to do our library and park district activities, as well as Arboretum fun. There was a Pirates and Princesses event that we all went to and the kids had fun dressing up, gave me a thought for Jill's birthday! We also made it out to a Boomers game (no longer the Flyers). It was Coops's birthday that night, the new mascot of the new team, so the kids got bobbleheads, and when they sang happy birthday to him I told Joey it was for him. Joey was super excited, and right after all the mascots were out there singing they announced that it was also Joey's birthday (ok, so it was an 8 year old Joey with another last name, but I started cheering loudly when they said Joey so that he wouldn't know it was a different Joey. He bought it, so don't tell!) Hope you are enjoying whats left of summer!

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